A message from our CEO

We know that in these uncertain times, many will be tasked with doing more with less and figuring out how to navigate a new normal with little clear guidance. In light of social distancing, on-campus recruiting and hiring conferences are on pause and this will likely have a disproportionate adverse effect on minority and traditionally marginalized groups.

In efforts to support you through these challenges, WeSolv is sharing special offerings and tools to help you connect with more diverse candidates now when it counts most. Let us know how else we can help.

Share Open Job Postings Free

We’re committed to the work you do to reach minority and traditionally marginalized groups, and the global pandemic doesn’t make it any easier. So we’re offering two free avenues to access network full of talented and diverse MBA students.

Message the WeSolver network

Share recruiting collateral or company messages in a direct email blast to the WeSolver. Email hotjobs@wesolv.com to get your messages scheduled. 

Post Job Openings

Expand your candidate reach and connect with more diverse candidates nationwide by posting your MBA level internship or full-time roles directly to the WeSolver network.

Find the right Candidates

Without traditional on-campus recruiting and hiring events, ensuring a diverse candidate pipeline is harder than ever. But it doesn’t have to be! WeSolv has been sourcing qualified and diverse candidates remotely for years. 

Your team may be seeing an increase in applicants and there’s an opportunity to hire the best person for the role. Case challenges use quantified data from projects to identify the best candidtate for the role.

How it works


We scope and post projects based on desired roles and skills 

MBA students sign-up and form teams for the project

We facilitate the project and share results with identified top performers

You have diverse, engaged, and vetted candidates

Find Project Support

As you navigate potential travel freezes, hiring delays, cutbacks, or growth goals, the WeSolver network can fill unexpected gaps through custom Case Challenge projects that require little to no management from you. Are you looking to enter a new market, identify new strategy options, better understand your market landscape, or gain new innovative ideas in another area? WeSolv will scope and share custom Case Challenges to crowdsource your real projects to our talented WeSolver network.

Access MBA students with years of experience who can immediately contribute.

Bring the power of diverse perspectives and experiences to your project.

Build genuine relationships and a strong pipeline, even if hiring is currently limited.

Going Virtual and Maintaining Commitment to Diversity

Hear CEO’s from WeSolv, Hallo, and Ethos share resources and best practice strategies to support companies in maintaining diversity and inclusion as they both recruit and work virtually.

Content includes:

Tools to source and engage more diverse candidates virtually

Best practices and reducing bias in virtual interviewing

Engaging candidates and improving conversion metrics

Virtual onboarding and working/meeting remotely for all